Monday, January 28, 2008

Photo Editing - Highlights

Max made short video clips on his computer

Captain Karsen

Tom, Andro & Eduardo

Shadow 1

Marie's "Pic O Barbies"


M&K on Stage

Erin & Lilia

M & E

"U Wanna Piece O Me"

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Preparations for Shadow Puppet Theater

Kelsea & Marie practised movements for a short Barbie video

Rosalind helped everyone get comfortable in dress up

Emily enjoyed role playing and practising her picture taking

Karla worked on the video camera taping the shadow puppet action

Eduardo enjoyed the new additions to his puppet

Kelsea was all smiles posing for the camera

Tom was busy completing his puppet character for the shadow theater

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Session 3: A Great Day!!

After an excellent workshop with Renee on Photography, the volunteers were ready to welcome Team Possibles back to today's exciting session. Emily spoke to each Possible getting an update on their past week and asking what was their favourite songs. Renee then explained what we were doing today and making plans for an upcoming Mask Making session at NSCAD.
Our day went by quickly as we added to our shadow puppets and began preparations of practicising the movements behind the screens and having the action videotaped. Karla and Max did some short video clips.
Emily and Rosalind worked with the Possibles getting into costumes for taking some great pictures in our Photo Department.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Session 2 of Team Possibles

After 'Fall In' with Emily, Team Possibles got down to work creating shadow puppets. With instructions from Renee, we made bristol board puppets while some Team members did photograpy using special effects from the spot lamps and still other Team members made up our white screens for our puppet shows next week. It was a really awesome day!

Kelsea enjoyed making shadow puppets and practising with the Team today

Marie practised her moves for making the shadow puppets move behind the screen


and Steven performed to the music

Max played the role of an action ninja with his Tae Kwon Do suit
Emily led the team in 'Fall In' today after everyone had put on their costumes. We then shared our stories of what we did the past week. Karsen dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow from his favourite movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Parents and Volunteers completed the necessary paperwork for copyright release, security checks, and NSDDS.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More fun with Team Possible on Jan 12

Heather is helping with taking the pictures, Thanks Heather!
Pictures are easy, its the names that are hard!!
Michelle liked the fun with shadows

Renee is helping us put this whole project together. Renee will also work with the team on the Art and Costumes needed. Thanks Renee!

Karla wants to help us 'dress up/color' our room

Millie & Marie share some sister time, Millie is helping with taking pictures too, Thanks Millie!

Elyssa & Jillian having fun, just hanging out

Ainsley and Conne getting ready for story time

Marie goofing around for picture taking