Saturday, April 26, 2008

Screening Team Possibles Film at Bayers Lake Cinema

Team On Stage at Cinema

Katie wowed the audience introducing the film!!

Team of STARS arrive for their movie screening!!

WOW! They arrive in their Limos!

A Star Studded Cast of Team Possibles!!

A great cast of STARS!!!!

Riding in the Limo in Stlye!!!

It was great to have Tom back with the Team!!

Some of the Stars enjoying a Limo ride!!!

The Limo arrives to pick up the Team Possible STARS!!!

Its so exciting going to our screening!!!!

Where is the Limo?????

Viewfinders 8MM Film Workshop

Karsen and Max practise their scenes!

Paul and Karsen waiting for directions!

Andrew practised his directing skills!

The Team consider scene sequences!!

Benita kept everyone on track!!

A sunny but cool day outside!!

Typical Stars, They want to control the script!

Emily and Karsen working on script for film!

The girls storyboard their film ideas!!!

Emily and Andrew discuss ideas for the film!!

Jills and Zyrone work on the film storyboard!!

Paul had a fun day working with the group!!

Karla, Ainsley and Marie getting ready for High School Musical!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


A great Team Possibles day - on our first day back. We welcomed our new volunteer, Marco. He was very popular - but will only be with us for the month of April. So we better get the photo posing in now! Karla did check-in & snack & Jills took attendance. Lots were upstairs for Hip Hop class- & had a great time. We missed Dennis & Paul today. Hope to see them next week.
Today... holy moly - we finally finished our masks. To quote Andrew after his 8 hours at the AGNS: "it's like death by art".
Check some of our pics from the day:

Paul & Marco last week.

Kelsea with Marco - last week.

Marie , Zac & Katie. Oops - i mean Marco.

Marco & Jills - Pop Stars

Marco & Katie - more Pop Stars

Marco & Karsen --- even more Pop Stars - this time with something popping out of their heads ... oh bunny ears. Karsen: you'll need a chair next time - to get even. lol

Oh & who have we here? What a surprise! lol

Pop Star Kelsea & our new volunteer: Hanna Montanna.

Pop Star Katie & Hanna

Pop Star Ainsley & Secret Star Mom having fun

Thanks Karla for being mom & doing the snacks - where is your Gabriella mask??? Ok next week you do not escape.

Ainsley - first in line for snack! Good idea!


Wow! Wow! Wow! You look so cool! Good work Team!
We finished up the masks today - we wired on the silver sticks and added ribbons.

Kelsea, Hanna, Erin& Katie -(OK Erin - where's the mask? :) next week-or else - lol)

Marie & Lilia : ) BFFs

Steven and Eduardo :)

Dylan's other mask - next week the other other mask

Jills & katie - BFFs

Karsen figures out a new way to wear his.

Marie & Lilia - again

Andrew & Dylan - looking ghostly.

Andrew and Marie

Mom Ainsley & Karsen

Steven, eduardo & Kelsea

Jills with the fashion.