Monday, February 25, 2008

Mask Decorating at AGNS

Our visit to the Nova Scotia Art Gallery was a wonderful day to smooth our masks with sandpaper and then a base coat of paint before adding the extra decorations. The day passed really fast with assistance from Henrique and some very supportive parents. Thank you all for your help.

Stephen made tassels to attach to his mask

Kelsea made tassels for her mask too..

Katie added a base blue paint to her mask

Karla's gold paint is a perfect match for the mask!

Ainsley was very creative adding a floral design to her mask

Erin painted the mask and added some artistic flair!!

Marie prepared her cat mask with paint and fur!!!

Jillian's mask has 'gills' attached for painting

Dylan does an excellent job painting the mask

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Team Possibles having fun

Jill and Katie have fun making new masks

Karla interviewed while Kelsea practised Barbie movie making
Erin added fans to her mask

Mask Making at Home

Paul completed his mask at home to get ready for AGNS..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More of our Feb 16 Fun Day

Karsen adds smooth plaster to his mask

Katie (A returning Possible) helps Marie

Stephen has fun making a new mask
Marie & Kelsea try out for Hanna Montanna roles

More Work on Mask Making

Marie (Cat Woman), Jillian and Erin posed with their masks
Dylan is Back!!! Excellent Mask Dylan.

Team Possibles were busy finishing up their basic masks so we are ready for our visit to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (AGNS) the next two Saturdays. Emily and Rosalind were away on Mid-Semester break but parents pitched in and helped out at the end of the day. Thank you all. We viewed some Austin Powers videos and then watched High School Musical 2 which was a big hit with everyone. Karla did an awesome job interviewing the rest of Team Possibles on what they did the past week. Thanks Karla.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More of Mask Making Day

Marie shows her pcitures. A good idea for some new puppets when enlarged and pasted on a solid board. Thanks Marie.

Marie and Jillian talk about Hanna Montana

Lilia enjoyed a day with friends

Karsen tries to fit Dennis into his army costume
Karla observed the mask making demonstration

Eduardo practised mask making on the sponge model head

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mask Making Instructions

MUST be under the supervision of an adult:
  • In preparation of this activity have cardboard cut in strips of sufficient length and height (6-8 inches high and 18-20 inches long) to extend mask headdress, have warm water in bowls at each station for soaking the plaster, cut various sizes of cast plaster that will form the basis of the mask.
  • Have a stock of cast plaster strips separate from those being used at each station to avoid getting them damp during the activity.
  • Cover the body with a protective garbage bag so clothes don’t get dirty, cut holes in the bag for head and arms.
  • Cover the head with a shower cap making sure to tuck all hair underneath the cap. Cap can be tightened by tying a knot in the elastic if required.
  • If the mask extends up and over the forehead wrap the forehead in a canvas or cardboard, which will act as a backing for the mask.
  • Cover facial hear with a generous amount of petroleum jelly to stop the hair from sticking to the plaster.
  • Apply a lighter covering of petroleum jelly to the skin, which will be covered by the plaster.
  • Once the subject is ready and using the mask photo as a guide, begin by dipping the plaster in the warm water, shaking off excess water and squeeze between fingers to wring out before applying the plaster to the subject’s face.
  • Since the plaster will dry rapidly in contact with the skin it is necessary to proceed quickly building up the mask on the subject’s face.
  • Take care around the eyes, nose and mouth so the subject’s breathing in not impaired and no dirt is put in the eyes. Around the edge of the mask and openings (eyes, nose and mouth) the plaster strips are doubled over lengthwise to increase the strength of the mask and make it more intact for later work.
  • Continue applying plaster strips as needed to build up a base mask that will later be used to create a mask similar to the one in the photo.
  • The process should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.
  • Once the mask dries it will start to peel away from the skin, wait for a few minutes to ensure it is structurally sound then remove and place on table to dry.
  • With damp cloth or paper towels begin cleaning the subject’s face around the eyes, nose and mouth. Be sure to always start near the eye and wipe away to be sure not to get dirt in the eyes. Discard these towels right away.

More Mask Making Fun

Welcome new Possible Paul

Lilia & Erin & Kelsea enjoy some "friend" time in photography station
Jillian enjoys the mask making with Renee

Kelsea with her favourite movies and getting ready for mask making

WOW - Mask Making Fun

Marie agreed to be the model as Renee demonstrated the process of mask making

Karsen and Dennis worked to make a mask together

Rosalind helped Andrew with his mask

Our Feb 9. Team Possibles Session was a fun time as we got to pick which type of mask we wanted to make and then work to make them!!!